The Science Behind CIRCUMserum™

Why Should I Care about Masculine Sensitivity?

We’re not talking about HER feelings, we’re talking about YOURS. As doctors are learning, sensitivity at the head of the penis is a key component of male sexual response.

Urologists call it the ‘trigger reflex.’ Nerve endings in the tip of the penis are the gateway to the buildup to orgasm. Ever had an erection but not been able to reach orgasm? It happens to a lot more guys a lot more often than you might think. Loss of the ‘trigger’ reflex may be to blame, as those crucial nerve endings are covered by layers of old, dead skin. The keratin, or protein, layer of the stratum corneum is thicker on circumcised men than on uncircumcised men.

CIRCUMserum is formulated to rehydrate and condition your glans to bring back those searing feelings of ecstasy with your partner.

Doctors are learning that circumcision can reduce sensitivity of the glans in adulthood, affecting sexual pleasure and performance. Men who have been circumcised in adulthood report considerable loss of sensitivity and sexual pleasure.

Besides the removal of nerve-dense and reflexogenic tissue, callousing on the exposed glans is another factor in sensitivity reduction. The buildup of a keratin layer on the outer surface of the circumcised glans is a documented phenomenon, and reduces sensation of the underlying subcutaneous nerves.

*The rise in erectile dysfunction in older men may be linked to loss of sensitivity in the exposed glans due to three factors:

1) removal of nerve-dense reflexogenic skin in infancy
2) callousing of the exposed glans due to rubbing on clothing and other materials
3) dryness of the exposed glans resulting from constant exposure to air and evaporation

*CIRCUMserum was created by doctors who are leaders in the formulation of topical and transdermal pharmaceuticals. The scientists of Centric Research Institute formulated the first approved topical Erectile Dysfunction treatment, as well as a wide range of popular and effective health and personal care products.CIRCUMserum’s patent-pending formula CRI-44 is the result of years of research into the optimal combination of natural oils to condition the specialized skin of the glans and provide just the right amount of biofeedback for a majority of men.

Cross section of glans illustrating the comparative thickness of the stratum corneum (protein) layer on the outer surface of skin. The stratum corneum is considerably thicker on circumcised men than on uncircumcised men.

Prevalence of circumcision worldwide: This map shows the regions of the world where the circumcision rate is > 50%.