Why CIRCUMserum™

79% of American men  – 90 million of us – between the ages of 21-80 are circumcised, due to US medical practice since the 1930’s. And that makes us more prone to Dullness Syndrome (DS). Dullness Syndrome (DS) results from a gradual loss of penile sensitivity over time. As you age, the dulling effect can increase, interfering with your performance and your satisfaction.

Not only is diminished stimulation a source of frustration for many men, young and old, recent medical studies show it may be a significant contributing factor to erectile dysfunction in later life.

Applied daily, CIRCUMserum™ moisturizes the glans and is formulated to give you more intense feelings in sexual experience.

Up the Intensity

For better or worse, most of us are circumcised. And that means we’re missing some of the richest nerve tissue in our bodies. Without the natural protection of a foreskin, the glans or tip of your penis becomes calloused from years – decades, really – of exposure. Basically, your penis is dull. As tough as the American Male is bred to be, it’s hard to stay competitive when you start with the handicap of a top jock.

Even if you’re a normal healthy adult man, and have never had any sexual issues, CIRCUMserum™ therapy can help you regain feelings of sensation and experience sex like never before. Try it. You’ll feel the difference.

Make Me Softer? Seriously?!

It goes against everything you’ve been told about getting bigger and harder. Bigger and harder are good for your ego. But what about your pleasure? CIRCUMserum™ gives you feelings like you’ve never felt before, never mind your partner.

Moisturizing with CIRCUMserum™’s dedicated formula will remove layers of old skin, and help you restore your original condition, leading to a more intense experience of sex. CIRCUMserum™ helps make you softer…for greater performance.