Men Circumcised in Adulthood

Well you do and you don’t lose sensitivity. Firstly the skin gets a bit tougher, dryer and thicker as a result of the rubbing against your underwear in the first few weeks.

This means that it wont be as hyper sensitive, but have no fear, you will last longer in sex. It just makes it harder to achieve.


Before I was circumcised, the experience alone, the physical feelings by themselves brought me to orgasm, and I frequently had to find ways to hold back. Now I often have to fantasize or use mental techniques to finish.

– Mark M.

I was circumcised for medical reasons when I was 22. After the operation, I began to notice that I had less feeling as time went on. Sex with my wife is still good, but there are days when I wish I could be with her the way I used to be.

– Eduardo V.