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About Dullness Syndrome (DS)

Urologists report a broad spectrum of patients with varying degrees of reduced sensation in the glans. The degree of dullness can range from slight impairment to near total loss of feeling.

For such patients, CIRCUMserum may be indicated as a first line solution, to assess whether regular moisturization of the skin on the glans will help promote reflexogenic action in maintaining erection and triggering orgasm.

Safety Information

Safety: Ingredients in CIRCUMserum are listed as “FDA-GRAS” – Generally Recognized As Safe by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Primary ingredients are a patent-pending blend of top-quality, pure botanical oils such as rose oil, almond oil, and cinnamon oil.

CIRCUMserum contains NO drug ingredients.

No Pills. With CIRCUMserum you don’t have to worry about putting any unknown substances into your body.

How To Use CIRCUMserum™ In Your Professional Practice

Centric Research Institute is enrolling physicians and patients in surveys and clinical studies to further understand the scope of this important public health issue.

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